Dahili Network's What is exist?  What is not exist?

Dahili Network's

  • No limit.
  • No quota.
  • No petition.
  • No modem.
  • No commitments.
  • No phone line.
  • No legal service.
  • Just do not use quotas.
  • Not the charge.
  • No installation fee.
  • No wireless devices.
  • No activation fee.
  • No default, no interest, no extra charge.
  • No confusing campaign campaign.
  • No customer has to pay the bills execution.
  • Do not try to convince you knock on your door.
  • Do not try to convince you to come out in front of you on the road.
  • Do not try to do with harassment, whether you sold the phone.
  • No nonsense IVR computers for minutes on the phone menus.
  • Debit workload of the court for not already fading.

Dahili Network's

  • Night and day are the payment options to PTT.
  • There are forward-looking payment facilities.
  • Have the opportunity to choose exactly your speed.
  • Unlimited special website has the possibility to open.
  • Subscribers have the opportunity to make transactions via SMS.
  • Open the possibility of unlimited private e-mail account.
  • You have an opportunity to receive services you decide.
  • Service there any way you can receive wired and wireless.
  • Watch 7000 free television channel.
  • Wherever they have the opportunity to use your service.
  • If you do not want to pay you have the option not to pay.
  • SMS services have the opportunity to go off for the holidays.

Dahili Network's Prices  Speed


1 Mbps Speed
Megabit speed with a direct HD movie you are watching is not possible, however, to take a pause state player must wait to fill the film, but you can watch non-HD videos Monument
3 Mbps Speed
You can watch HD movies directly to three megabits speed
4 Mbps Speed
Four-megabit speed, watching full HD movies at the same time in four different rooms in four separate TV channel you can watch IPTV
8 Mbps Speed
Eight megabit watching full HD movies in two separate rooms with two separate rooms in the four-megabit speed at the same time you can watch four different IPTV television channel
16 Mbps Speed
Sixteen six HD movies can be viewed simultaneously with megabit
32 Mbps Speed
Thirty-two megabits per second with twelve simultaneous HD movies can be viewed
50 Mbps Speed
Fifty thousand visitors, with which you can create a web server at fifty megabit speed
100 Mbps Speed
You can create a web server with hundred-megabit speed, which is two thousand visitors.
1 Gbps Speed
You can create a web server with Gigabit speeds with twenty thousand visitors

Dahili Network Services

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Dahili Net Web Hosting

/ Month


  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • 256 MB Ram
  • 1 Domain Name Gift
  • Unlimited E-Mail Account
  • 24/7 Support

/ Month


  • 3 GB Disk Space
  • 512 MB Ram
  • 1 Domain Name Gift
  • Unlimited E-Mail Account
  • 24/7 Support

/ Month


  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • 1 GB Ram
  • 1 Domain Name Gift
  • Unlimited E-Mail Account
  • 24/7 Support

/ Month


  • 10+ GB Disk Space
  • 2+ GB Ram
  • 1 Domain Name Gift
  • Unlimited E-Mail Account
  • 24/7 Support


Dahili Network  Who?

Turkey's the first Ethernet Internet service provider. (1999)

Founder of Metro Ethernet. (1999)

Turkey's the first IP-CCTV service provider. (1999)

Founder of WebTV. (1999 Live TV)

Founder of Mobil TV. (2001 Telsim)

Embedded hardware designer. (2004)

Founder of PCTV. (Computer Television Playstation together) (2000)

Founder of LED TV (1999)

Founder of Wi-Max (1999) (Turkish Army Görentaş Wireless Border Security System)

Dahili Network  Join

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Internet in apartments. The hotel has internet. Internet in dorms. Internet in hostels. Cafelere internet. Free internet for restaurants. Central Internet system for apartments. We are exploring your building. Internet infrastructure setup. Fiber cable pull. Installation of necessary equipment in your apartment. The installation fee that must be paid for the apartment. Offer method apartment management internet. Apartment central internet installation. We set up internet in the apartment buildings through internet tariff determined for administration. We install professional router modems in the apartments. We set the desired speed limit to the apartment you want. We provide visual support for the use of governance on the operation of the system. Site residents are also able to enter the internet in social usage areas as requested. Common use of apartment. Pool, garden areas outdoor internet thanks to wireless devices. You can also use your internet subscription at home in public areas. If you are thinking about going to the centralized internet system, you can call us on 0554 884 28 14 and get the necessary information from. You can reach us at info@dahili.net mail address. In the establishment of the apartment common internet system, the DINA.net team serves all over Turkey. Dahili.net central system internet installation. We know that our internet bills are high. For cheap internet, you can go to centralized internet system installation in public housing. You can call us for the installation of central internet wireless system for hotels, dormitories, apartments, apartments and public housing. In the applications made in the hotels, you can offer your customers tc identity and room information and wireless internet access. The central system does not pay high bills with wireless internet setup. For collective internet, we are building a project suitable for your apartment or business. The built-in internet facility is quite practical. Individual individual user input. Custom password setting. Can set speed per user. Share the internet according to the number of users. Special protection against attack from remote. System installation and commissioning. Setting up wireless modems. Customize your apartment, your residence or your apartment with a wide range of people. Infrastructure according to Law No. 5651. Logging settings. URL logging and archiving as encrypted. Detailed description of the system and training to create users. Do not ever try to network your apartment. Built in Net free professional networking. Here are the 100 countries and states in the fastest internet list according to the access sub-index. Built-in Net is doing what you've already been doing since 2004. It installs and delivers the hotspot system with convenient logging. Click to review your fast internet campaigns. One security camera for every 30 apartments is also free. Free calls to the requesting apartments are free of charge. Television broadcasting is also free of charge to the requesting apartments. We believe that a fast internet connection is meaningful only with a high AKN. The requesting apartments can also receive IP based Smart Home products and manage these products from the smartphone. At home you can enjoy the hyper-speed Fiber internet which reaches 1000 Mbps with Internet difference. Web site: https://www.dahili.net You can search in Google as Internal Internet Facility. Private housing-private apartments, private wifi for the site and mass housing. It offers a high-performance, low-cost solution developed specifically for use in a wide range of facilities, such as hotels, social facilities, universities, trade fairs and congress centers, and public housing that will appeal to large and high-end Internet users. In advance, the location of the equipment and the number of devices required are determined and a preliminary cost is deducted from the bird's-eye view of the facility where the wireless internet installation is to be performed. Then, the on-site tests and measurements are used to determine the warships, the exact cost is deducted and demo installation is done. Once the project is approved, for example a 20-apartment project will be done on the same day. Affordable interns when we compile the cheapest internet packages

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